Thursday, December 31, 2015

Two goats or Not Two Goats, That is the Question?

One of the biggest dilemma's we have on our road to self-sufficiency is to fulfill our dairy needs. Currently all of our milk, cheese, yogurt and everything else dairy comes sadly from the local supermarket wrapped one way or another in a plastic wrapper. A plastic wrapper that does not biodegrade, may or may not be recycled at the factory or shipped to the other side of the world to be dumped in our precious oceans. To gain further advances on the ladder of self sustainability and by quite a few rungs we need dairy animals. Those animals would be in the form of two goats. Now, here is the dilemma, fresh milk daily, homemade cheese, butter, yogurt ....... well you catch the drift. Now that all sounds fantastic and extremely yummy BUT the downside, twice daily milking which in Summer is fine despite the likely hoard of mosquitoes to fight with, but in the midst of our freezing Manitoba Winter's things could get slightly frosty, numb hands, frozen eyelids and the general feeling of being a human Snow person. Equally problematic is we do like the odd getaway and committing to goats would be most definitely waving bye bye to any of that. So, as you can see quite the dilemma! As the saying goes watch this space.

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