Friday, January 26, 2018

House clean, breath clean and be clean!

Just a quick post to re-birth an older blog I had made a good while ago on natural cleaners for our home. Many folks fill their homes with in my opinion bad and fake smelling cleaners that are full of chemicals and false ingredients that can quite literally make you sick.
We all like a nice clean home but at what cost? Don't do it folks, make your own that is easy, natural and does not cost the earth in more way's than one.

Try this simple all purpose cleaner that can be used anywhere -

Lemon and orange rinds (mixed together or on their own), I usually buy organic and not waxed. Save them in the freezer until you have a few if you do not use a few lemons or oranges at a time.
White vinegar
A glass jar, I use a litre jar but my last batch was a half litre jar

Simply place the peels in the jar and cover with vinegar, let it sit for two weeks shaking it every now and again. Then, sieve into a spray bottle and clean to your hearts content happy knowing that not only did you use the peels that may have been discarded but your are using a completely gentle and natural cleaner.

Used in conjunction with baking soda this cleaner is a powerful stain remover for bathrooms and kitchen worktops.

Smells lemony!
Essential oils also make a fantastic cleaner for areas that need a less harsh approach. The best oils I use are Tea Tree, Lavender, any Citrus essential oils and Peppermint. Fill a spray bottle with water, add a little drop or two of dish soap (natural of course) and add to that several drops of your chosen essential oils. You will learn what mixes you like to use.

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