Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rain Dance and Water Recycling

We are currently in a drought, we have seen little to no rain for some weeks and this is causing problems with our new planting scheme that has unfortunately slowed down due to lack of water to water the newly planted enough for their survival.
We are now in emergency water recycling mode to at least try to save the garden and our latest additions from a dry death.
We are saving the water from washing up, scooping it out of the sink and using that on the garden. We are putting the plug in when we shower and using the bath water after bathing. This is the only way that we can conserve the water supply in our well and water the thirsty plants outside. We use natural washing up liquid so we don't need to worry about poisoning anything either!
We hope that we do not need to resort to jigging a very loud rain dance in the backyard, not only would that send the local deer population running for cover but it may also upset the family feline apple cart.
Lets hope for rain soon!

 As you can see from the photographs are garden area is so dry, even deep into the ground.

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