Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A bad bird day

A few days ago we had a rather bad bird day. On occasion it happens, that is homestead life or death as in this case. It is a part of running a self reliant lifestyle and a part that never gets any easier. My number two lavender orpington became sick and sadly so sick we had to put him down. I now have only one remaining rooster of that breed so lets hope he stay's healthy to father this years lavender young.
The same day upon morning chores we noticed our 'special hen' was missing. She is special due to the fact that she can rotate her head almost completely around, hence the name Owl! Luckily my daughter Laura later found her scrunched in hole in the barn, we have absolutely no idea how she managed to get in there. She was close to death and hypothermic.

We quickly brought her in a wrapped her in warm clothes, put the hair dryer on her gently and gave her a drink of warm water with molasses. We did not hold much hope.

She made a full recovery, partly due to our quick actions. She is now happy out and about once again. And, yes folks we blocked the hole!

'Owl' the next day

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