Friday, February 2, 2018

The cost of convenience

In a world where convenience is way to convenient I scratch my head at the huge amount of pressure we place on the earth by the act of simply and way to often grabbing a take out coffee from one of those franchise giants! The few times I have admittedly gone that route I often find the coffee quite gross and wonder why folk bother. I think it is more the fact that everyone see's everyone do it and so follow suit, the sheep effect!
Those little paper cups that many see as recyclable, laden with a plastic liner and absolutely not recyclable. Sold in the millions they are a huge polluter and easily rid of if we make our own coffee to go. It really takes not time at all!

I like mine milky

Take a jam jar with a screw lid and fill it with deliciously hot freshly made at home coffee, pop it in the jar, screw on the lid and there you have it. A coffee to go! Yes folks, it is so simple and if you don't like coffee tea works great too.

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