Monday, January 15, 2018

A pot of heaven (Bone broth)

One of the best tasting foods in my opinion is bone broth. Bone broth is just so fulfilling, it is hot, tasty, extremely beneficial for us, versatile and plain old satisfying even on its own. So when combined with the left over meat that came from the bones, a few vege's and some noodles it is surely in the top five.
The trick to making good broth is too make sure you boil the bones for many hours on a low heat, all day or overnight. That releases all the essential nutrients that are hidden away in the hard bones. The liquor that I usually cook the bones in is usually veg water that I save. Water is fine too.
Add a quartered onion, a sliced carrot, celery,, a good twist of black pepper/salt, herbs of your choice ( I used dried thyme and parsley) and some garlic and simmer away for at least 8 hours.

Tip - Roasting the bones in the oven until browned prior to adding to the cooking liquor will add a lovely depth to the finished broth, but it is not necessary. All left over bones can be used, including chicken carcasses

One the broth is cooked add what you like. I added the left over meat, some dehydrated vegetables and homemade egg noodles. Cooked until the extras were done and serve with fresh homemade bread. What a meal on a cold night!

The recipe for the egg noodles can be found on my sister page over on Facebook. Link to the side.

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