Sunday, August 13, 2017

Buried in apples!

We seem to be having an early crop of apples from one of our tree's. I think sadly the tree has been badly affected this year by Codling Moth attack and most of the buckets of apples we have collected have been wormy.
This does not stop them getting used. The really bad ones are fed to Jeff our Ayrshire beef steer who likes them a does not mind the extra protein. The second worst are processed into jelly, minus the worms and bad parts and the best of the bunch will be put into our dehydrator or turned into puree for use in pies and baking, again minus worms and bad parts.
We follow a use everything rule so all the bad parts and worms will be either composted or fed to the livestock who will happily gobble them up!

I shall post on the dehydrated apples when they have been done!

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