Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I have been away for a while!

Well folks, I am back. It has been quite a few months since my last blog on here although I do blog often on my Facebook sister page. We have been very busy here since our move just over a year ago. Our garden has taken a lot of our time and we are proud of the progress so far. We are eating well from it. Our livestock situation has changed too, we have grown more on the poultry front and added some lovely birds to our homestead.
Sadly, we had to sell our milking cow Mookie as the issue of her suckling herself became to problematic and we were losing a good portion of the daily milk quota. It was sad to let her go. Maybe next year we will look at a small herd of dairy goats.
Our next project is to start on building the greenhouse, and to build some more poultry enclosures.
Keep tuned!

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