Saturday, August 19, 2017

Vegetable and cheese pasties

It is the time of year when we go through a meat shortage, we are coming to the end of last years meat and this years meat is still a couple of months away from freezer camp.
However, our garden is bursting with beautiful tasty nutritious vegetables that are used in many ways.
We turned a few zucchini's, some new potatoes, tomatoes, parsley and grated cheese into some awesome pasties.

The vegetables were diced finely, the potatoes were blanched until slightly tender and the whole mix mixed with grated cheese and seasoned with salt and pepper. The pastry was a simple flaky pastry made with 1 pound of white flour mixed with 8oz of super cold grated butter and then formed into a pastry with chilled water.
Three tips for making this pastry extra good, always use very cold grated butter and handle the pastry as little as possible. The third tip, split the pastry in two and roll out each piece the exact same shape and size, usually a rectangle. With a knife mark 8 sections on one of the rectangles but do not cut through. Fill these rectangles with filling, brush around each segment with milk or egg to seal and carefully using a rolling pin to help place the second pastry rectangle on top. Press down around all the pasties. Cut into 8 and bake on 350 degrees until golden brown.
Rolling two same size and shape pastry pieces eliminates the re-rolling that causes the delicately made pastry to become less flaky when cooked!

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