Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throw Together Leftover Bake

Those who follow my blog on a regular basis will know that in my kitchen leftovers are often on the top of the menu. After a couple of days my fridge becomes home to a selection of leftovers from previous meals. This is where you can let your cooking imagination run loose. Curry it, stir fry it, eat them as they are, yes, the choice is great. I decided to make a tasty bake -

Leftover red cabbage
Leftover cheesy mashed potato
Leftover egg bake, chopped
Leftover lamb, chopped
Leftover sweetcorn
Leftover potato water with mash remnants in it so it was a thicker than water (the remnants are from the masher and spoon that I soak in the potato water so all the potato comes off, no waste!)

Cheap, Nutritious, Frugal and Tasty

All I did was layer the cabbage, sweetcorn and lamb on the bottom of the dish, top with the egg bake and potato. I then poured the potato water over, topped it with some breadcrumbs, dots of butter and a bit of grated cheese. It was so delicious and fed our family of six well. The ingredients I used were what I had but any leftovers you have can be used to make this. Instead of potato water use a cheese sauce, change it up! I just had potato water handy. And, can you believe it but there was also leftovers from this leftover bake!

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