Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Food Waste

As many of you will know I cannot abide food waste, on mass or at home. I find it intolerable that so much good food is tossed away for no reason what so ever. There is no need to waste anything, in one way or another it can be used. At home we eat lots of leftovers, on the odd occasion some leftovers may sit around a little to long, usually when we have an abundance of leftovers!
In that case the chickens get a free meal, and in return we get delicious eggs. They seem to lay better when they get the odd treat!
Any foodstuffs that cannot be eaten finds it way into our compost bin or into our ever growing compost trenches in which we will grow vegetables.
In our kitchen we have two containers, yogurt pots do a good job. One is for chicken scraps, in that goes plate scrapings, crumbs and all that sort of stuff and the other is for the compost.
The cycle turns full circle, help it turn the right way folks.

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