Sunday, January 14, 2018

Reusable veg

As you all know by now folks I will try to get as much out of stuff as I can. A friend of mine recently told me my byword should be 'Waste not want not.' and to be fair that is a good fit for me. This waste not want not rule of mine can be applied to some vegetables.
There are a few things in the veg world that will re-grow and provide a small harvest. Now don't expect huge results, but anything is better than nothing and if it is free all the better!
My recent attempts are growing, the celery has begun to sprout and my onion has been set in its water bath.

All you need to do is once you have finished your celery pop the root section in a bit of water and watch it re-grow. The same applies with the onion root section. The onion will not provide a new onion but it will send out some green shoots that can be used. Once the roots get going well you can transplant them into a shallow pot of potting soil.  If you set a few of these at once it is worth it, as I always say no waste needed :)

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