Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The best flaky pastry

Over the months I have been trying to refine the art of making the best pastry for making pies, pies of most kinds. I can and on the odd occasion make a rough puff but found that it is much quicker to make a flaky pastry, I also found that if made correctly it resembles rough puff anyway.
We love pies, apple pies, meat pies, left over pies, even left over pastry with a bit of cheese on goes down well. The lastest pie was left over pie, made with leftover kale, cabbage, potato, carrots and a small amount of fried ground beef which came from Jeff our beef steer.
The pie is featured on my Facebook page (link below) But, here is the pastry recipe!

14 ounces of white flour ( I use organic unbleached)
7 ounces of salted butter
Cold water, amounts vary each time.

Firstly it is important to remember two things, for flaky pastry always grate the butter into the flour and secondly and most important DO NOT OVER WORK THE DOUGH. You need to see the grated butter in it.

Gently mix the butter and flour together until all the butter is coated. Add bit by bit enough water to bind the dough together without over working. Another important tip is if you are making a top and bottom make sure you cut the dough in half prior to rolling. If you re-knead and then re-roll the butter will combine too much and the flaky texture will be lost.

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