Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Foraging for wine

I love to forage, foraging is super way to get outside and be with nature. In the spring and Summer we forage for wine, there are many main wine ingredients growing all around us. Oak leaves, Beech leaves, blueberries, blackberries .............. the list is long. Some may sound a bit different but they do actually make superb wine. And, the added bonus is you know exactly what is in it, no sulphites and no chemicals. All natural.
With the weather being a bit snowy we had a spare bit of time to rack the wines we currently have on the go. They shall bottled over the next few weeks.

Goldenrod, parsley and rosehip are happy clearing in the kitchen. The goldenrod and parsley was picked right here on our homestead and the rose hips came from wild rose bushes growing like weeds next to one of the local beaches. These are just a few of the many varieties of wine we make.

From left to right - goldenrod, rosehip and parlsey wine

Folks, if you would like recipes on the above or ask more about wine making with nature shoot me a message and I can include them in a future blog or two or even three :)

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