Monday, January 15, 2018


Many a leftover can be made into a something very special, in the form of a rissole. Rissoles were very common when food was at a shortage, the ingredients and taste varied each time due to the amounts and combination of leftovers that needed using up. In my opinion if you have never cooked and eaten a rissole you have missed out on a tasty and easy treat. In fact they are so good I often make extra when I make a roast just to make these.
I cannot give specific amounts here as leftovers vary on what you have lying around, however it is an easy recipe so give it a go.

You will need -
Leftovers, usually vegetables and meat (the meat I used was pork)
1 or 2 eggs to bind depending on amount of leftovers being used
Enough flour to be able to shape the dough without it clogging up your hands
Salt and pepper to taste

The idea is you want the rissoles to stay together when cooking, unfortunately I skipped the egg and flour step for a reason I cannot fathom. So, don't skip that part folks!
Chop up the meat and vegetables small enough for a food processor to mush it all up, don't worry if there are a few lumps left behind.
Shape the rissoles as you like, I made small sausage shapes. I also rolled them in a little flour before frying them until hot and crispy.

I served them with seasoned roast wedge potatoes, veg and leftover gravy from the roast.

Yum Yum :)

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