Monday, February 8, 2016

Lucious Chocolatey Beetroot Brownies

There is nothing nicer than in the mid morning, mid afternoon or anytime of the day to sit back with a nice hot drink and savor a sweet tasty treat. That sweet tasty treat with no guilt! And packed with anti-oxidant rich beetroot. How could you go wrong?

Put these on your must make list!

Sticky and Moist

250g dark chocolate (70 % is best)
250g grated cooked beetroots
250g unsalted butter
125g of brown sugar
3 eggs
150g of wholewheat flour
1 tsp of baking powder

Firstly we use very little sugar in our baking, the amount of sugar in my recipe may not be to everyone's taste, add up to 200g of sugar if you think 125g is not enough. Don't forget though that the chocolate has sugar in it too.

Melt the butter, the sugar and chocolate together (I prefer to use a bowl over simmering water for this)  In a large mixing bowl mix the flour and baking powder together, add the beetroot and fold in the melted chocolate mixture and the eggs. Bake on 350 degrees until it is still a bit sticky in the middle. Leave to cool before slicing. Then get that kettle on and tuck in!

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