Monday, January 25, 2016

Ginger and Spice

A few blogs ago I showcased my homegrown ginger plant that I had managed to get to sprout from an organic piece of store bought ginger root. Here is it a couple of weeks later -

Growing well

As you can see it has been doing well, it did have a minor setback when my son snapped about an inch off the top when he dropped the cat food lid on it but it seemed to grow back. The brown powder on the soil surface is cinnamon. Cinnamon and most spices act as a mold inhibitor so it stops some of the nasties that may cause damage to you plants plus giving them a dose of nutrition. It can be sprinkled on and re-applied after watering. And it is all natural folks!

I shall be featuring this wonderful spice called cinnamon in  a future blog and how it can be used in the kitchen and bathroom area :)

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