Sunday, January 3, 2016

Year Planning

Once all of the Christmas and New Year celebrations are all done and dusted, the eldest children are back in school and the husband is back to work it is time to start planning the year ahead. This may seem slightly early for some but for our family it is essential that we do this. It is also time to look at ones aspirations for the coming months. My personal goals are to finish the mid-grade children's book I started about five years ago, and to start writing my self-sufficient, recipe, environmental come everything else that goes with self-sustainability book that has been brewing for a few years too. As for the acreage, more chickens as you can never have enough, goats (maybe), better garden, more work on the house (inside and out). Make plenty of homemade wine, we have special visitors this year and will need a basement full for this occasion! In general, the hope that this year will be equal or above to the last. Now, better find that seed catalogue!

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