Sunday, January 10, 2016


If like us you have light worktops in your kitchen you will know that keeping them looking clean and free from stains is pretty hard. Instead of plastering the worktops with harsh cancer causing chemicals I use lemons. Lemons feature in my cooking quite often and instead of chucking them in the compost I save all the halves after zesting and juicing and keep them in the fridge. When I cannot stand the tea and coffee stains anymore I get the lemon halves out to go to work with baking soda. Here is another frugal tip, the mesh bag that the lemons came in or any mesh bag that fruit comes in  makes an awesome free scrubby that is great for those stuck on bits in pans or stubborn stains. Anyway, sprinkle baking soda over the worktops and squeeze any remaining lemon juice out of the lemons, using the lemons scrub the baking soda into the worktop. The antibacterial acidic lemon juice reacts with the soda lifting off the stains. Leave for five minutes before scrubbing with the free mesh scrubby. Wipe off with hot soapy water and voila! Clean, sanitized stain free worktops and a lemony smelling kitchen, all natural and no chemicals.

The Cleaning Team

Hard working lemons!

Sparkly clean

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