Friday, January 1, 2016


In my first post Triangle Bannocks I mentioned that I used kefir in the mix. Kefir is a probiotic microbe that turns milk into a beneficial yogurt type drink. It can be drunk as is, or used in cooking. I often make Soda Bread with it instead of the buttermilk. Some are more familiar with the powdered kefir culture that you add to heated milk but we have the actual kefir grains. They kind of remind me of cauliflower and they grow at quite the rate. I think we should name ours the Blob! If the grains get out of control and start to outgrow the kitchen they can be eaten as is, or blended in smoothies. I have not tried the smoothie method yet and I was not so keen on the eating as is way of consumption, kind of too rubbery. However, despite their rapid growth our kefir grains provide us with a daily dose of goodness. 

Kefir Grains in the milk

The washed grains

Ready to use

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