Thursday, January 11, 2018

The simple things in life

We all love to have fancy food from time to time, it is a nice treat. In all honesty how many of us if asked what is there favourite food would choose something less fancy, more simple and satisfying.
Lets take my breakfast this morning, the humble egg! It can be prepared in several ways, and often totally cooked WRONG. Eggs prefer to be cooked slowly, take a fried egg for example, way too often the pan is heated to incinerator temperature and the poor egg is cooked as fast as possible within an inch of being a rubbery morsel.

Cook gently

This is how I do it! Heat some oil and a knob of butter in a pan on medium to low heat. You need the pan hot enough to cook but not too hot to frazzle the egg too fast. Once the egg is in and the white starts to set, slowly using a spoon ladle over the hot oil and butter.

Served on toasted baking powder buiscuits

Once done your taste buds and the egg will thank you for taking your time to prepare one of the most simple things in life :)

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