Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Where did all the snow go?

Believe it or not folks a day ago we had a pretty good covering of the white stuff. Today, apart from a few lumps here and there it has all gone. The reason for this overnight transformation was rain, and lots of it. It washed all the snow away.
What a good time to have a little stroll to see what was going on.
Baxter our Springer Spaniel decided once again to run after a resident grouse that calls the top of our tree line home. I don't think he will ever catch it!

Two of the big old maple tree's look so majestic even at this time of year, I bet they could tell some tales of times gone by.  In a couple of weeks they will be producing beautiful sweet sap that we will be making syrup with.

The garden looks, well, like a wash out but there is some life already. The chives and oregano are showing signs of life.

Can you spot the scarecrow who lost a fight with the wind?

I have a big pot of fruit boiling to make jelly out of last years pick of chokecherries, haw berries and small wild blackberries with a few apple cores thrown in to help set the jelly.

All is well on the homestead.

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