Sunday, January 21, 2018

Maple syrup and bee hives

Well folks once again time seem's to be flying on our homestead. The weather is milder than it was this time last year and it looks like we may be able to start tapping our maple tree's two weeks early. Favorable conditions for the flow of the maple sap is when the nighttime temperatures are below freezing and the daytime temperatures are above freezing.  It can be a bit of a juggle to get it right, but this is our second year and we know what we are doing. I have three more tree's lined up for this year so we should get a good harvest.

One day's worth of sugaring last year in 2017

This year we will be introducing bee's to our homestead, FINALLY! Yes, folks we have the hives and now we await the bee's. We will not be getting the little buzzers until the warmer month of June. They will be the smallest livestock we have raised but they will be treated with the same respect and care as the rest of the critters here. They will provide essential pollination services for our flora and fauna and in turn provide delicious honey in a year or too once established.

So folks, watch this space.

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