Thursday, January 21, 2016

A bit slim on the basic supply front!

What would you do if you woke up in the morning to find no butter, no bread, no cereal, a splash of milk and pretty much bare cupboards? Well the first answer should not be to panic, secondly it should not be lets lie on the floor and starve and thirdly it should not be lets jump in the car and go to the local store as fast as humanely possible. What we should do is think about it, there is always something we can make with what we have tucked away, we just need to look and use our brains. Joking aside food insecurity is becoming a real problem, it is sad that there are so many that struggle to get a simple meal. And, it is true to say that the majority of folk have no idea what is is like to go properly hungry. Society has become so dependent on stores for food that if a food shortage was to happen, it would be a disaster on a huge scale.We should all think about that.

Our lack of basic supplies this morning could have caused a meltdown, but when supplies are low being resourceful and thinking outside the box is must. Although I lacked the basic's I still managed to whip up a plate full of heart healthy Oaty Banana Chia Pancakes. Although, I did slightly worry when I opened the fridge to find the egg carton empty. I quickly sped outside and was lucky to find my hens had laid me a couple of eggs. Phew!

Oat Goodness

If you would like to make these pancakes the recipe for them is on my Facebook Page, the link which can be found to the right of my blogs.

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