Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Cleaner Clean!

Over the Winter months with not much to do outside other than tend our livestock that is bungled up in their sheds my attention turns to that dreaded cleaning! With the warmer months being so busy the poor house and contents seem to get buried under dust, and all matter of different things. One of the biggest areas where people are unknowingly poisoning themselves is by using toxic household cleaning products. They are so bad for you, throw them away!

Here is a much more healthier option -

2 cups of water
20 drops of tea tree essential oil
15 drops of pine essential oil
10 drops of orange essential oil
A drop of washing liquid (natural stuff of course)

Add all these ingredients to a spray bottle, shake well and it is ready to use. You can make a different spray for different areas but to be honest this is the only one I use everywhere, the kitchen worktops, the bathroom and anywhere else I feel needs a clean. It not only cleans but the essential oils are anti-bacterial so you are eliminating the bad guys. It also makes your house smell divine.
Essential oil's can be expensive to buy, but they last a very long time so it is worth spending that extra money to get them. 
Over time you will save money this way as you will not be spending more regularly on those toxic harsh environmentally bad cleaners. A clean clean!

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