Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why do we do it?

I get asked sometimes why we bother as a family with all the hard work of living a self-sufficient and frugal lifestyle. Firstly, it is never any bother, yes it is a very hard lifestyle to keep, lots of work to do each and every day. We don't get to have days out very often but when we do they seem to be extra special. Secondly, I do not class our family as fully self-sufficient, to make that claim would be lying. We are as self -sufficient as much as we are able to be, we grow our own vegetables, we raise our own meat and we bake all of our own stuff. We hope this Spring to bring in two dairy goats to provide our dairy needs. But, we cannot grow or raise everything we need. I know that what we do each year is a mammoth task but it is worth it when each and every day we see our family flourish with homegrown food, plenty of fresh air, and most of all enjoy the lifestyle we have chosen. We eat leftover leftovers often but we have little waste, and anyway leftover leftovers are the best. We may not have TV's in every room, we do not allow the latest gadgets or sit on computer games all day. We read, we encourage self thinking and motivation, we all muck in and we love it.

Medicinal Echinacea


Manitoba Sunset

First Snowfall

Homemade Garlic Bread
 Looking at the above, who could argue?

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