Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wine Time

We have found that here in Manitoba, Canada wine making is best done in the Spring, Summer and early Fall months. In Winter the wine does not seem to ferment as well due to the colder temperatures in the house. Plus, most of the ingredients we use to make our wine comes from what we grow or what we forage. There is not much that grows in the bleak middle of Winter. Our stock of homemade wine had in recent months been depleted and we had not made much to stock the numbers back up. To run out of wine would be quite the disaster! So to avoid a shortage we got some frozen raspberries and rhubarb out of the freezer and got the latest batch going. It is currently bubbling away in the kitchen. Later in the month we will sort through our stock of stored potatoes taking out the sqwishy ones to be turned into another homemade wine. Roll on Spring for more wine making!

Rhubarb and Raspberry Wine

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