Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Save not Spend

One of the biggest areas were money is unnecessarily lost is grocery shopping, this is something that we can all sympathize with. It seems that each time we grocery shop the bill seems to increase, food cost in general is on the rise, substantially and it does not look like stopping. Even self sufficient folk like us need to purchase certain things we cannot provide ourselves.

There are a many many ways in which these trips to the grocery store need not break the bank if we follow a few simple rules. The most important step is to meal plan prior, this may seem stupid or boring and even a waste of time but it is not, believe me. Weekly meal planning can be done for single folk, couples and families and it should not be a chore but more a healthy habit to form. Kids especially enjoy meal planning, it gives them a sense of control over what they eat whilst learning all about different elements of food. Make it fun!

Once you have your weekly meal plan, which should include days where you will eat leftovers ( for example a chicken can provide more than one meal, see one of my previous blogs) it is time to write that shopping list. Here is where you will save, stick like glue to that list, it is all you need. You don't need to wander around aimlessly thinking about what to cook, you have already done that homework. Get in, get what is on the list, and get out. It really does work!

I will cover other money saving areas in later blogs.

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