Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Frugal Following

Not only do I love the whole self-sufficient lifestyle I equally feel passionate about being frugal wherever and whenever possible. This is most important in the kitchen. The enjoyment of preparing, cooking and eating of food should be a integral part of life. It is essential!
The word frugal can bring some people to sheer panic. Why? Simply because in some minds frugal means cheap and nasty. This is just not true. Let me explain.
To me being frugal with food means using everything I can, stale bread and old cheese for example, the list is endless. Anything that is past it's best goes into the scrap bucket and my poultry is happy to oblige. I even have a use for lemon's that have lost there skin and juice, a blog for another day I think.
Last night I prepared a simple frugal meal, not because we have no food but because I wanted to. Here it is -

Simply Delicious

Potatoes with garlic butter and sprinkled with hot dried chili, kale tossed in butter and cracked black pepper and an egg bake. Eggs, grated cheese that needed using, some stale bread whizzed up into breadcrumbs and some milk. Mixed together and baked. Simple, easy, tasty, nutritious and most of all frugal.

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