Saturday, January 30, 2016

Potato Wine

We are always searching for things to make wine from, usually in the Spring we have no problem with that as there is always an abundant supply of dandelions which make fantastic wine, and the young oak leaves which are equally good. In Winter it can be a little harder as there is little that grows outside, hence we turn to the basement for inspiration. 2015 provided us with a good potato crop so the next batch of wine had to be potato. To some that may sound a bit different but potatoes make an awesome strong white wine. It is such a simple cheap wine.

To make roughly 3 gallons, boil 12lb of peeled potatoes in some of the water until tender. Once cooled strain the potato water into a large pan, a jam pan works well.

Ready to cook

Don't chuck away the potatoes, they are still useable! They are a good excuse to make some cracking leftover potato recipes.

Potato goodness

To the potato water, add 500g of organic raisins, 2tbsp freshly grated ginger, 6kg of sugar (we used half brown and half white) and a cup of tea for the tannin. Boil until the sugar has dissolved and let cool. Once cooled pour into a brewing bin, top water up so you have roughly 3 gallons and add the yeast. We used a sparkling yeast.


Leave to ferment for a week before racking into a demijon. When the wine has completely stopped fermenting it can be cleared and bottled. At the time of writing this blog our potato wine has not yet been racked into the demijon. Update to follow :)

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