Monday, January 18, 2016

Fabulously Frugal Stuffing!

Every week or so I will go through the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer to find food stuff that has been shoved to the back and hidden. Or, the last remnants that nobody other than myself thinks are edible. In my opinion these forgotten and lost items make some of the best meals or meal accompaniments ever! This week I found a small half handful of walnuts and cashews, some stale bread in the freezer and hidden from sight in the basement storage area a couple of onions that needed using up. As we were having a beautiful slow cooked nitrate free ham from one of the Berkshire pigs we raised last year I thought a simple stuffing would add a great addition to the meal.

All I did was saute the chopped onions in some butter and olive oil for about 20 minutes on a low heat until soft and almost caramelized. When they were ready I added them to the breadcrumbs, chopped nuts, and seasoned with black pepper and salt. To combine the dry stuffing I added enough of the ham cooking liquor to combine it. Baked on 350 degrees for 45 minutes it was served with purple potato mash, ham and peas and sweetcorn in white sauce. It was a frugal but tasty way to fill out the meal which meant plenty of leftovers!

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